What is ERP

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which involves centralized strategic business process information management as well as synchronized reporting and automation. Flow of the information starting from raw material procurement to finished goods dispatch is systematically organized, accessed and notified with respect to relevant departments. ERP offers a central repository of information about services, products, vendors, retailers, company financials, suppliers, customer orders and so on. It gives managers a means of analysis of sales and planning information they can act upon. It provides easy access to accurate company information and reports so managers can make more informed decision. 

With rapid globalization due to internet, ERP is not limited to enterprises anymore. Cloud-based solutions make ERP software affordable, easier to implement and manage. Cloud ERP enables real-time reporting and BI, which enables better visibility in business for busy business executives and decision authorities. Now companies of all sizes and a wide range of industries are shifting to cloud ERP which is what we offer is Whiz-SCM A Simple Effective Cloud Based ERP software. 


Why Whiz SCM?

ERP has broad customer base and wide range of costing variations. But affordable onetime costing with good customization options and timely service is what we make us stand out from the crowd. We help for SMEs to dream and grow big with the help of affordable , light weight erp packages, and enable them to upgrade same software as they grow.

Proven Expertise

Industries handled with successful ERP implementation are with high volumes of Inventory, Purchase and Sales Orders.

Business Intelligence

Notifications, alerts and role based access controls, everything enables systematic information flow and powerful Decision Support System for Department Heads.

Manufacturing Process Coverage

We have the system designed with generic flow of information and control checkpoints, retaining the scope to plug-in additional flow controls as per customization needs.

Our Service Offerings

Consulting, Customization, Data Migration, Implementation, Training and Handholding; all services as per Standard ERP Implementation

Solutions offered in ERP

Smartly designed modules and checkpoints to accommodate major functional flows. Scalable architecture to accommodate large volumes of data and users.

Professionally Designed Software

Simple, Easy and Intuitive Screens and Process Flow Designs. Screen integrated email/sms alerting and notifications templatization.

Long Term Costs

Licensing, AMC percentage, Training and Customization everything is quoted in one-time costing for the product and build long terms relationships.


Elaborate and Focused consulting to fit our modules and functionality to match your requirements and budget allocations for ERP implementation.

Multi Device Availability

Device compatibility is MUST. Accounting and Backoffice on Workstations, shop floors work best on tabs. Executive's are closely involved in day to day activities via mobile apps.

ERP Implementation Statistics

ERP is a complex system as concept design itself. Knowledge and information handling is one part of it, but ground reality handling and proven success statistics say more than success stories.

Inventory Size
Number of Reports




Performing Client Requirement and Application Features Match and Gap Analysis



Application Customization to Meet Project Needs After Customer Approvals

Data Migration

Data Migration

Inventory Items, Inspection Routines, BOM Data, and System Masters Setup



Operational Support, Staff Handholding and Problem Solving for promised period of time


  • 3 months Implementation
  • Premium ERP
  • ERP Accounts
  • Gold CRM Integrated
  • 45 days Implementation
  • Premium ERP
  • ERP Accounts
  • Free Training
  • 21 days Rapid Implementation
  • ERP Accounts
  • Free Training
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Accounts
  • Free Training


So, why do you need an ERP? When is lacking proper communications, or you are giving more time in paperwork, you need to have an ERP system. You need to set up various workflows and methods (automated & manual) which may or may not be documented formally.
Here are 5 top signs when you surely devserve and EPR implemented

#1: You Have Lots of Different Software for Different Processes
#2: You Don't Have Easy Access to Information About Your Business
#3: Accounting Takes Longer and Is More Difficult
#4: Sales and the Customer Experience Are Suffering
#5: Your IT Is Too Complex and Time-Consuming
As per the CIO Research and Analysis, 9 tips can be considered while choosing an ERP vendor.

#1: Get upper management support.
#2: Make a clear and extensive list of requirements before you start looking at vendors.
#3: Don't forget mobile users
#4: Carefully evaluate your options before selecting your ERP system
#5: Get references.
#6: Think before you customize.
#7: Factor in change management.
#8: Appoint an internal ERP product champion.
#9: Provide the necessary time and resources for training on the ERP system.
Any small business owner who wants an ERP software solution to succeed must first gather requirements from all stakeholders and carefully plan the project in advance if they want to see ROI.  ERP software's reputation for being painful, expensive, and difficult to use puts off many small businesses who are ready to take the next step. What's more, many ERP projects fail because small business managers don’t consider:
How ERP will impact on day-to-day business processes
How people within a company will use ERP software as part of their role
The cost of an ERP project from beginning to end
The time it will take to implement such as a solution

Most small businesses will find that cloud ERP software is typically cheaper to adopt and implement than an on-premise solutions, due to the nature of SaaS.

The good news is an ERP solution is affordable, flexible, and easy to implement. It'll help you and your small business work differently.
Situations where Cloud computing is cheaper than purchasing in-house software licenses include start-up organizations, upgrades under true Cloud computing (which I will explain later), seasonal businesses, and organizations with minimal investment in IT, whether a deliberate decision or lack of capital.
Cloud computing allows startup companies to minimize upfront software and hardware investment by paying for software licenses on a per user basis, usually monthly. There are numerous advantages to this offering including minimal hardware investment. A small company can quickly gain access to sophisticated software without having to invest even in a computer server.
It largely depends on how much home work we do on our business automation needs. Work flow optimization. Every ERP company involves the client into requirement understanding and process customization tasks. Detailed brainstorming in initial phases will reduce the technical implementation cycles. Proper planned and well documented training sessions will reduce the handover process.
Normally the fault is not completely theirs. It's very common in every setup, but once we know the root causes of resistance we can surely find solutions to address their concerns. Few of the reasons are
#1: Uncertainty about the Future
#2: Fear of losing Influence
#3: Feeling of exclusion from the change process
#4: Lack of required skill necessary for the change
#5: Change not properly communicated within the organization
#6: Addiction to the old way of doing things
#7: Lack of trust
Well strategized erp implementation planning shall take care of employee's resistance to ERP changeover process.
#1: Get support and commitment of senior management
#2: Check leader's opinion
#3: Promise a systematic Training to all affected employees
#4: Proper communication strategy will make a lot of difference
#5: Formation of the Change Management Teams and associate them closely with the implementation team
#6: Involve business process owners throughout the process of implementation
#7: Engage the people that fear the loss of influence
#8: Consult and involve Highly Opinionated Employees
#9: Make use of Change Agents
#10: Manage the expectations



Our Best Offerings

Host anywhere On-Site/Cloud

Whiz SCM is a cloud based Erp software but we are open to host this application on customer's servers. Both setups have it's own advantages.

Rate and Choose Your Vendors

Manufacturing companies largely depend on suppliers and vendors to deliver quality product on time. We empower you choose best vendors and suppliers from prior ratings.

Define processes with customized fields

We have field customization facility, which is in a way dynamic fields through which you can define your own forms in various modules.

Low cost Acquisition

We are on open source technologies that gives us minimal licensing fees advantage and same we pass on to our clients.

Easy To Use

We offer software's solutions that are easy to use. In ERP this a major advantage because operator to executive all are looking at same application from various devices.

Unlimited Users

ERP usage is scattered across various departments. Replicated Functionality is UN-avoidable. We offer one-time ERP Purchase with no user limitations.

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